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South Manchester Relationship and Sex Therapy

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Sex Therapy

Some of the reasons couples and individuals come to sex therapy include to address:

  • loss of or low desire

  • inability to orgasm

  • painful sex

  • premature ejaculation

  • erectile dysfunction


Psychological reasons are often the cause of these issues.  Psychosexual Therapy uses a variety of techniques to address the kinds of anxieties and worries that are often at the root of sexual difficulties. 


Individuals and couples work through a set of guided exercises to re-build their confidence and develop a greater sense of intimacy and freedom in their sexual expression.


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Couples Therapy

Couples come to counselling for many different reasons, including to:

  • work on their relationship

  • improve the way they communicate with each other

  • adapt to changes in their life-style, for example having young children or adjusting to children leaving home

  • improve their sex life

  • address the impact of affairs


Couples therapy gives you the chance to re-focus on your relationship, perhaps by looking at  your shared values and what kind of a future you envisage building together. 


Where you find that talking has become difficult we can work on how you deal with conflict and look at ways of improving the way you communicate with each other. 


Where there are issues of trust being broken we will look at ways of rebuilding this and creating a greater sense of intimacy.


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