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Relationship Counselling

Couples come to counselling for many different reasons,

including to


  • improve their relationship

  • change the way they communicate with each other

  • look at how having children has changed their relationship

  • work on sexual issues

  • address the impact of an affair

  • work out different ways of settling arguments and conflict

  • find out how to make their relationship stronger

I work  by helping you to identify shared relationship goals and explore the kinds of difficulties that get in the way of fulfilling these.  We will work together to look at the values and beliefs you each bring to the relationship and how you can improve your communication and ways of dealing with conflict to create greater intimacy and trust between each other.

Couples go through many changes together including living together for the first time, having children, changing jobs and careers, adjusting to their children leaving home, dealing with poor physical and mental health and coming to terms with bereavements.  Counselling can help you to work together and build resilience and support for each other.

relationship counselling manchester
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