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Sex Therapy

sex theapy counselling manchester


Psychosexual therapy (PST) uses both psychological techniques and talking therapies to address sexual difficulties.  At the heart of PST is Sensate Focus, a programme of individual and couple exercises designed to get you back in touch with the sensations of physical intimacy.  Mindfulness is an important component of Sensate Focus as it helps us to bring our attention to physical sensations without the distractions which often interfere with sexual pleasure.  


Sensate focus exercises are completed at home; you would never be asked to carry out any kind of  sexual task in a session.  The exercises are graded so that you can start at a level with which you feel comfortable, which might include, for example, being fully or partially clothed during the first exercises. 

PST also includes elements of counselling and sex education, perhaps exploring the ways in which you talk with each other about sex and the kind of language you use.  The important thing to remember is that each couple's issues are unique to them and you will work together with your therapist to find out what works best for you.  This means creating a safe and secure counselling environment where you feel confident and comfortable talking about intimate issues.


Below is a list of the kinds of issues that PST can help with:

  • loss of or low desire

  • inability to orgasm

  • lack of confidence or sexual compatibility

  • painful sex (dyspareunia, vulvodynia, vaginismus)

  • premature ejaculation

  • erectile difficulties

  • illness and disability that affects your sex life

  • how to talk with each other about sex 

Sometimes sexual difficulties can have medical/organic causes and in these cases you will be advised to get a check up with your GP, if you have not already done so, before starting sex therapy

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